Top 5 Reasons Why Bottle Service is a Good Idea

Top 5 Reasons Why Bottle Service is a Good Idea

The best way to experience the nightlife is to purchase bottle service at one of the numerous nightclubs located around the city. Here’s the top 5 benefits to reserving bottle service.


1) You get to sit down in a comfortable booth

Most people wouldn’t go to a fancy restaurant and eat while standing up so why should you do the same at a nightclub? Reserving bottle service at a a popular club allows you to get a table and booth to sit down and relax. If you or your girl friends are wearing heels, you’ll be happy to have a place to sit by the end of the night.


2) No Line, No Cover Charge

The clubs in most major metropolitan cities are always packed especially on the weekends. The people in line can wait over an hour to get inside. Unless they are friends with certain people at the club, most of those people will also pay a cover charge (entrance fee) to get in. On the other hand, any groups that reserved bottle service will skip the line and be escorted directly to the table. There’s no cover charges or hidden fees to be paid either.


3) You can order drinks directly from your table

Did you ever had to deal with terrible bartenders at a club or bar? Some bartenders can be a pain to deal with especially if they are being heckled by other customers on a busy night. Ordering drinks at a club can make or break your night. You want to spend your time having fun, not waiting for a person to pour a drink and hassling you for a better tip.

When you book bottle service, you can order and pay for your drinks directly from your table. You have a waiter or waitress that will frequently come see you all night to take your orders or pour your drinks.


4) You can order bottles

You get to order any kind of bottle including champagne, vodka, rum and so forth. It’s much more convenient to be able to pour your own drinks whenever you want than buying it at the bar. You’ll also be given mixers: juices and soft drinks mostly (some nightclubs will give you water for free too). Some nightclubs will also allow you to buy packs of beer although it isn’t too common.

You can technically buy bottles at the bar too but it gets too crowded and someone can steal your bottle if you don’t pay attention. You wouldn’t want to walk around the club with a 1 liter bottle of vodka because you’re afraid some drunk customer might steal it.


5) It’s easier to pick up girls (or guys!)

This is the elephant in the room: everyone knows about it but no one really admits it’s true or talks about it. Most people find it easier to invite people to drink at your table than randomly strike up a conversation with a stranger at the bar.


Bottle service pricing is variable: special events, guest DJs, celebrities and holidays can increase the bottle prices and minimum purchase requirements at any nightclub. This is also true for regular entrance fees and ticket prices.

The best way to get an idea of bottle service prices is to request a price quote based on your group and reservation date.